Hi there, I'm Hoyt.

I like to scale ideas and constantly learn new things

About Me

Biology, statistics, and business student interested in medical
technologies & data science projects

Vagelos Dual-Degree LSM program '21

B.A. Computational Biology
B.S. Statistics


What I've been working on lately. A copy of my resume can be found here.

Genomic AutoML Dashboard

Project lead for novel NIH precision medicine grant in the Perelman Bioinformatics Core.
Building logic & visualization for single nucleotide polymorphism gene editing effects.

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Health-AI Network Incubator

Co-founder of machine-learning based medical transcription product currently in PennLab Ventures.
MVP for intial proof of concept testing in Perelman's ER department underway.

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Global Statistics Research

Published research paper with Wharton's Healthcare Management department on pharmacoeconomic policy.
Regression analysis on health technology regulation of G20 countries.

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